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Our Process is simple and effective! Are you a homeowner? Great!

  • Are you tired of upkeep of a property you don’t want?
  • Does it feel like there are too many repairs to make?
  • Did you inherit a property that is in need of repairs?
  • Do you have a rental property where the tenants severely damaged the property?
  • Do you have a property you want to sell quickly for cash?

A Unique Approach

Our unique approach to repairs and renovations makes it easier to sell your house – worry-free!

Home Improvement Projects

Want to sale your home, but know it needs a little TLC? With over a decade of experience in real estate transactions we can make your home ready to list by maximizing its potential market value.

Repair – Replacement Proposals

Did your Clients home fail a Home Inspection? As a General Contractor we specialize in making the repair process smooth and easy while adhering to your deadlines!

Deferred Payment Program

We understand that selling a home can be strenuous for your clients. No upfront costs means we can start improving their home immediately making the process seamless for homeowners. 

2 Year Payment Program

We understand that the real estate market can be unpredictable and deals may fall through. We have created this flexible option to keep your clients at ease.

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The Unique Construction Difference

Working with an experienced General Contractor makes a world of difference in quality and completion of a construction project. Unique Construction has decades of experience and expertise ranging from building your home to getting it on the market. We treat our clients homes as if they were our own and keep you informed every step of the way.

We are driven by pristine excellence and customer satisfaction every step of the way.  Unique Construction Services has a wide variety of expertise ranging from new construction, property management, property acquisition, and home improvement projects. We specialize in Real Estate Transactions and are frequently referred by home inspectors and real estate agents as a trusted contractor for your clients.


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Excellent communication from start to finish.

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Confidence in working with a licensed General Contractor.


Perfectly prepared to handle any situation for our clients.


Passion and dedication to go above and beyond client expectations.


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