Unique Construction / Insurance Repair


When you are in need of emergency restoration services, you only want to trust a company that can take care of every aspect of damage cleanup and recovery. At Unique Construction, we can take care of fire damage, water removal, sewage cleanup, and wind repair. Our experienced contractors can take care of the entire restoration process from the moment you call us until the moment that your home or business is restored to the way it was before.

The Unique Construction method includes taking care of all the little things including removing all sewage, water, and other materials as necessary. We recognize the importance of restoring your home as quickly as possible and our contractors understand the way to achieve this safely and efficiently. Unique Construction is Knoxville’s first choice for professional fire, water, sewage, and wind clean up.


In the event of a fire in your Knoxville home, we can restore your home to original condition. We are experts at negotiating the complex requirements of your insurance company.

We can help to remove some of the stress off your shoulders. As always, we guarantee our work.


In the event of water damage to your Knoxville house or business, it is imperative that you obtain emergency services to extract the water and begin the drying process.

Once the property is properly dried, we will prepare an estimate to complete repairs for your review. With your approval we will commence restoration efforts immediately.


High winds from Knoxville’s storms create all types of havoc. Lightning, Hail and damaging rains they can all rip shingles off your roof, slam a tree into your house, and propel debris through your windows and walls.

It is vital to your home’s integrity to call the Knoxville professionals at Unique Construction Services as soon disaster strikes.